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MikeE’s Guide to Paintball in San Diego

I’ve been living in San Diego for a few years now, and in that time I’ve got heavily involved in the local scene, working at a park for about a year and a half, playing for local team San Diego Crush, and attending tournaments around the region. While the local paintball scene is no where …


Naza World Cup Asia, Langkawi 2013

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Once again I’m on the annual trip to the Asian mecca of paintball, the World Cup Asia in Langkawi Island, Malaysia. It’s my second time to Langkawi this year (last time I was DJing at Cba in Cenang Beach) and its good to catch …

Paintball / Thailand

Tips for Making the Most out of PALS Thailand 2013


Bring Cash for the Field there are no permanent EFTPOS/Credit card facilities. PALS accepts USD and Thai Baht, other shops might only accept Thai Baht, so bring that just in case.
You can safely use your credit card at real malls (not Pantip or MBK), resteraunts and Hotels. I’d avoid using it at small stores.
Most small …

Malaysia / Paintball

Malaysia – World Cup Asia 2012, Langkawi

This event is huge, and its an understatement to say that the PALS (Paintball Asia League Series) has come a long, long way since its inception in 2005 with the APPC. The format is PALS format, which is a modified millenium format (using 12.5bps ramping in either Millenium or PSP modes, different “A” style race …

Germany / Paintball

Berlin & Munich: Paintball in Germany

I spent just under a month going in and out of Germany (mainly Munich and Germany) and am contemplating moving there in 2013. Heres what I’ve gathered so far on the paintball scenes:

Legal Issues:

I started looking at PBNation for something concrete in English, but a lot of it seems to be a) out of date …

croatia / Paintball

Playing Paintball in Croatia with the Hrvatska Paintball League

On Saturday night at around 11:30pm we left Pula, for a 360km road trip to Krizevci for the Hrvatska (Croatia) Paintball League tournament.  Our trip involved us going up via Labin (I couldn’t get google maps to show the exact route) through the major city of Rijeka and then a 3 hour stop at Karlovac (home of the beer of a …

Paintball / Trips

Travelling to Langkawi, Malaysia for the Paintball World Cup Asia, 2012

Brendon Charles, Peter Mumby, Brian Thornley, Myself and Martin Dannafaerd (out of shot) in Malaysian Customs, Kuala Lumpur International Airport – 2004 for Nations Cup

Back in 2004 I helped organise the NZ Team “Kiwi” trip to Kuala Lumpur to compete in Malaysia’s first international paintball tournament, the Nations Cup.

2005 APPC Div …