Fort Punta Christo during Outlook Festival in Croatia – August 2011


About MikeE:

Wow! It’s now 2017 and a lot has changed since I started this as a travel blog 6 years ago to keep my friends and family back home in New Zealand up to date with my travels and adventures. Since starting this site I’ve travelled throughout Europe, lived in Asia for two years, met my American/Maltese wife, moved two the United States and got married to her  – twice (once in Las Vegas, and once in Malta), before going through the Green Card (Permanent Resident) process and settling down on the US/Mexico border in San Diego, CA.


I’ve freelanced my way around the place, started an ill fated attempt to set up a backpackers hostel in Thailand, DJed all over the place (UK, Croatia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, United States), played paintball in even more places (New Zealand, CroatiaMalaysia, Thailand, France, Germany, USA) and gotten involved with volunteering and the rights of migrants through organisations such as Border Angels. More recently I’ve been working for one of the top paintball businesses in the world: Giant Sportz – parent company of Hollywood Sports, SC Village, Giant San Diego, Giant Tactical and even more awesome paintball brands!


The site went on hiatus due to a family tragedy and full time employment in 2014, but with a move back to freelance work allowing me more time to travel and blog, I’ll be relaunching it now in 2017. Keep an eye out for new, semi regular blog posts as I cover past and current trips throughout Mexico and beyond.

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Music wise, I’m back on the radio where it all began – on Boosh.FM, you can catch my show from 8-10PM PST where I’ll be spinning underground bass music from my home studio in San Diego.

About the Blog: 

Mikeestravels.com has been running since late 2011 and reaches between 60-100,000 readers each year (even though it was dormant in 2015-2016 due to work and family commitments).

With a relaunch and redesign in 2017, along with the addition of my wife Sarah, expect a lot more content, stories, travel guides and more. The blog has been featured in or consulted to a wide variety of major media sources such as The Independent (UK), Channel 4 (UK),  The Guardian (UK), National Geographic (USA), BBC Two (UK), The Telegraph (UK) and more.

Expect more content from New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, England, Wales, France, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Poland, United States,  Mexico, Cuba and beyond!

Hire Me:

I’m available for a wide range of contract and freelance work and have experience in:

  • Content Writing, Blogging, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing
  • Paintball Industry, Event Management, Product Sourcing, Marketing, Strategy & Operations
  • Conferences, Training/Professional Development & Corporate Event Management & Marketing in NZ’s leading Conference & Training Company for over 6 years.
  • Music Industry Event Management, Radio/Club DJ, Marketing, PR, Stage Management, Festival Work & Artist Liason.

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