Mikkeller Bangkok, Gypsy Brewbar in Ekamai

About Mikkeller Bangkok

Mikkeller is famous for its gypsy brewing practices, that is, making one off, niche craft beers in other peoples breweries… and they are bloody good at it!

It turns out that the guys from Mikkeller have a bit of a think for Bangkok, and after a few years of supplying their beer via their distributors Hopsessions, they decided to open their very own bar in Bangkok.

There are two things that brought Jacob Mørkenborg Rasmussen and Mike MacDonald together: an enthusiasm for beer and a respect for innovation. The business partners met a few years ago—Rasmussen had been importing foreign beers and holding numerous events that Mike MacDonald, a self-described beer connoisseur, would regularly attend.


“My partner and I are both in this business less so from a financial perspective and more so from a beer culture perspective,” MacDonald said. “We really wanted to build something that we would go to every night.”

They also of course have two bars in Denmark (Their home) one in Sweden and another in San Francisco.  The Bangkok bar offers 30 different craft beers on tap (This has got to be the most craft beer on tap anywhere in Thailand) and a load of limited release special edition beers available by the bottle or to take away.  Beers are on rotation, so you are more than likely going to spot something new every time you visit.

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The place is a home for the educated beer connoisseur, its simplistic, clean, with quality music at a low volume.  Expect no flashing lights, smoke machines or hi-so kids getting table service bottles of SangSom, just quality beer, quality conversations and quality food – something thats definitely needed in the Bangkok bar scene.

Getting There

Mikkeller Bangkok is definitely a “destination” type bar, being that its a little bit out of the way, down a couple of side sois, so make sure you take a map with you when looking for them.

Mikeller BKK Map

The easiest way is to take the BTS to the Ekkamai stop, go down Sukhumvit 63 (Ekkamai) and turn into Ekkamai Soi 10, follow it down to Yaek 2, and you’ll find them down the road.  You’ll spot loads of Mikkeller stickers on power poles, lamp poles and power boxes, so you’ll definitely know if you are heading in the right direction.

Mikeller 1

Mikkeler Bangkok Co., Ltd
26 Ekamai Soi 10 Yaek 2, Ekamai Road
Bangkok 10110, Thailand

The Beers

I’ll be straight up an say these are the best beers I’ve had so far in Bangkok. Its one thing to offer imported beer, another thing to offer imported craft beers, but stick it on draft and you’ve got a happy Mike.

Mikeller 4

With 30 beers on tap, and even more in bottles in the fridge there is literally something for anyone with a minimal amount of taste.  You won’t find cheep 50 baht beers here, so cheap charlies can go elsewhere, what you will find is amazing, craft beer with a difference, that considering the heavy tax you get on imported booze in Thailand is remarkably cheap to purchase.  They don’t even charge a service charge (which is rare in Bangkok).  Expect beers to be in the 200-350 Baht per glass range, with bottles ranging from250 Baht to 1500 baht for the crazy rare beer nerd specialities.

Our selections for the night included:

  • Nelson Sauvin IPA (With hops from New Zealand)
  • American Dream IPA
  • Ris A’La Malle Fruit Beer
  • Honey Mead

The Food

Food is mainly finger food with a couple of sandwhich/slider/burger options available. Speaking to the manager he tells me that they plan to open a full kitchen down the line, and also (fitting with the gypsy foodie concept) have guest chefs doing pop up kitchen type nights, so follow them on Facebook to keep in the loop.

By now you will have noticed that my girlfriend Sarah is a Vegetarian (with vegan tendencies) and most beer places in Bangkok don’t really cater to our meat deprived brethren.  Right now they don’t have vegetarian options on the menu, but the staff seemed happy about the idea of whipping something up on the fly, and the manager Pete (or Tap Master as he prefers to be called)  is definitely keen to offer some rabbit food down the line to keep the vege crew happy.

Mikeller 3

We ordered a platter of cured meats, cheeses and pickles along with fresh bread, which was more than enough to keep both of us happy.  The cheeses were absolutely amazing, easily the best I’ve had in Thailand and the cured meats (Salami, Proscuitto, Pate & more) were amazing.  For 450 baht it was completely and utterly worth it, so much so that we ordered another cheese platter to pig out on.

Mikeller 5

Their desserts include some amazing chocolate cakes made out of a vietnamese chocolate that is absolutely to die for.  The name escapes me now (it wasn’t included on the receipt) but make sure you ask for it.

The Service

The service was easily some of the best I’ve had in Bangkok.  The bar staff really know our beers and were able to suggest the right beer every time.  They were able to pick me the perfect hoppy beers with high IBUs, with Sarah taking a fruit beer and some Honey mead with dessert.   We simply described the taste we wanted the staff gave us tasters and we were good to go.

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Speaking to Pete the bar manager (sorry Tap Master), he said that they are more than happy to do private beer tastings at a very reasonable price for groups of 6 or more, getting you a chance to try a bunch of beers, with an expert, along with some awesome cold cuts and cheese – I’ll be doing this next time!

The Verdict

Easily the best beer bar I’ve been to in Bangkok.  The place is clean, the food is amazing, the staff are friendly and know their stuff and above all the simply have the best beer I’ve tried.

Mikeller 6

I enjoyed the stuff so much that I ended up spending another 2000 baht on takeaway beers, which of course I left to the staff to choose for me.   And being the good dudes they they are, they gave us complimentary glassware too!

For 2150 Baht I ended up with:

  • 1 Mikkeller Bangkok Tasting Glass
  • 1 Mikkeller – k:rlek Pale Ale 2013
  • 1 Mikkeller – Solt Gul
  • 1 Mikkeller X Bedow  – Wild Winter Ale
  • 1 To Øl – Ridiculously Close To Sanity
  • 1 To Øl – Dangerously Close But No Cigar
  • 1 To Øl – Dangerously Close To Stupid
  • 1 Birra Del Borgo –  Re Ale
  • 1 Birra Del Borgo X Dogfish Head – My Antonia

I highly recommend checking the place out, and if you do go there, tell them that I sent you… maybe they’ll be nice and shout me a beer.

Disclaimer: This post was written under the influence of a wonderful glass of ice cold Mikkeller k:rlek Pale Ale 2013 from the comfort of my home.  Craft beer for the win! 


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