Gadgets: Merlin BT-SPK06 Travel Speakers

Anyone who knows me will know that I usually have music playing all the time, and that I like my bass. Which means up until recently I’ve had to either wear big headphones, put up with annoying earbuds or crap sound quality.  Its hard to listen to dubstep DJ promos on macbook speakers!

I’d spotted some pretty powerful travel speakers at my friend Liam’s place in Germany, but they still didn’t seem up to scratch – and since travelling to Bangkok, I’ve seen lots of knockoffs down the Khoa San Road, but again they don’t seem to match the power/sound quality of these.  You only have to pick it up to feel the weight of the magnet in the driver, this thing has 3w of power – which might not sound like much, but is more than adequate for filling a room (I normally only have 2 bars of volume on my Macbook when using it – and its louder and better quality than when the Macbook is on full volume) and best of all, it doesn’t distort or bottom out when it has proper low end (think Digital Mystikz Anti war dub) through it.

It has both bluetooth and mini headphone inputs for audio signals, full bluetooth controls for playlists , an internal mic for use as a de facto headset for devices that support it and a TF card input (which is just another way of saying it supports MicroSD Cards) which is handy for dropping a 4GB card in full of a few mixes.

The whole device is charged by USB and has about 6-8 hours of charge time as well.

Quite simply these (or similar knock offs) are a must have for anyone travelling who wants to listen to music outside of headphones or tinny iphone speakers.

Cost: Approx $30 NZD
Purchased from: Dubai International Airport, it appears that the trademarks are owned in Dubai as well.
Manufactuers website: (note that this model doesn’t show up on the device, and I can’t find it ANYWHERE on the internet).

Technology has moved on a fair bit since I first purchased these, and not there are a tonne of different choices which you can check out on

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