– The Ultimate Itin Planner

One thing I’m finding is as I’m booking all my travel online (in order to cut costs) is how much of a nightmare it is to keep tabs on my itinerary (last year, I booked a flight from Christchurch -> Auckland which departed while I was in Kuala Lumpur, for instance!). Enter a programme that I downloaded on my iphone but then completely forgot about two years ago… Tripit!

Tripit is a very user friendly website/app that takes all your travel information from email confirmations of bookings for: Airfares, Bus Tickets, Flights and more, scans it then creates simple itineraries for you simply by forwarding the emails to [email protected] – its that easy.

The pro version (which I haven’t tried) offers loads of other options including airpoints, live updating, auto scanning of alternative flights etc.  Which looks to be reasonable value for money for $50 USD per year.

Check it out at and download the free app from the iphone app store.


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