Bangkok to Ayutthaya by Train for Only 20 Baht

I’d read around the place that it was possible to get to the ancient Thai capital of Ayutthaya by train for under 20 baht if you went third class and just had to give it a try.  So, one day last September I ventured off to the Bangkok central train station (otherwise known as Hualamphong) …


Six Steps To Getting Settled In Bangkok

You you’ve sold it all, set off travelling, and have decided to settle and spend some time in Bangkok, possibly working, travelling to tropical islands, enjoying South East Asian culture, or using it as a base to visit places you’ve read about like Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and beyond.

What do you need to know before …


The Overstay: My Favourite "Best-Worst" Place in Bangkok

I’ve read blogs, articles and TripAdvisor reviews that have referred to The Overstay as the “Worst Hostel in Bangkok” or even the world,  but in my view, its a must visit place for any serious traveller (Tourists need not apply) and ranks as one of the best places I’ve visited while travelling the world – …

Beer / Food

The Expats Guide to Beer in Thailand

I’ve been living in Thailand for over a year and enjoy the odd beer, and by odd I mean the odder the better. Most tourists and expats only encounter the more well known brews in Thailand, and blog posts on Thai beer tend to ignore many of the interesting beers available in Thailand if you …


12 Ways to Earn Money & Make a Living While Travelling

I originally wrote this article while sitting on a beach in Koh Tao in 2014, it’s now 2017 and I’m married and living in the USA.  It’s one of the pages with the highest visits, so I’ve updated it accordingly. 

You’ve been travelling for a while on your savings, sooner or later you are going to …

Finances / Thailand

Eat for less than 300 Baht Per Week in Bangkok

Despite being a crazy Vegan (when it suits her), Sarah is absolutely amazing in the kitchen, and manages to feed both of us for less than 300 Baht each (not including booze of expensive treats) for lunch and dinner. Although I love to eat my meat, I’m kind of put off most of it here …

Thailand / Weird

Guide to Exploring Siriraj Medical Museums

NB: Please excuse the photo quality of the post, technically its not allowed to take photos in the Museum, so these were taken incognito while hiding from rent-a-cops 

Just some skulls in a glass box…

Looking for something to do in Bangkok that doesn’t revolve around the normal tourist cliches of Khao San Road, Tuk Tuks, …


Siam Reap & Ankor Wat, Cambodia

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Our next trip was to Siam Reap, Cambodia – the home of the famous temples of Ankor Wat.

Our Journey started at the bus stop on the Capital Phnom Penh, where we boarded what we thought was our $12 VIP bus, but turned …


Phnom Penh, S21 & The Killing Fields

Previously posted on Living Alpha – visit them for more interesting travel stories. 

We flew to Cambodia via Bangkok with Air Asia for a Visa Run. Flights were cheap at 3500 Baht, and the cost of a Visa was approximately $20 USD per person.

We were advised to go by plane to Phnom Penh rather than risk …