Bangkok Street Art – 18 Stories Up

It was November 2012  and my 2nd or 3rd day in Bangkok after travelling throughout Europe and Malaysia.  I’d just caught up with my mate Matt and within 2 days had moved into a spare room in his flat (which I moved out of in March 2013, he moved out of in October, then my …

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Urban Exploring Bangkok: How to Find An Abandoned Mall Full of Fish

Update: Sadly for Urban Explorers, the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority removed the fish, drained the pond and knocked down the building around 2015, so you’ll have to make do with the photos in the blog post below.  Sorry guys 🙁

If you’ve lived in Bangkok for a while, especially anywhere near the Kho San Road area, you’ve …


Bombay Blues – Indian Curries in Backpacker Central

I’ve been a massive fan of British style Indian curries (Butter Chickens, Chicken Korma etc) since visiting the UK in 2011 and generally speaking these aren’t too common in Thailand, with the Indian community eating more traditional food, vegetarian or local variants. That said, you still find reasonably good western style Indian food in most of …

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Wine Republic Bar and Bistro – Finally Sarah Gets To Drink Wine!

We originally spotted this place on the taxi ride to Scene Space when going to Brew Bar.   After deciding against Apoteka Thonglor which was jam packed with its ladies night crowd we walked down Thonglor (Sukhumvit 55).  We spotted Wine Republic on the corner of Soi 10 and Thonglor and decided to go in …

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A Long Weekend On The River In Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is located in the intersection of the Kwai Noi & Kwai Yai rivers to the west of Bangkok and on the way to the Burmese Border.  The city is home to the famous Bridge Over The River Kwai and the starting point of the Death Railway that was built by POWs in the second …


The Bridge Over The River Kwai in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

The main attraction for most visitors, and the one thing that I wanted to check out was the infamous Bridge Over The River Kwai.

Having watched the movie the week before to get a bit of background, I was eager to check it out.  It turns out that the movie isn’t really an accurate representation of …


JEATH War Museum in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

One of two war museums in Kanchanaburi with J.E.A.T.H signage, the official one is on the grounds of Wat Chaichumpol and was founded by their abbot the Venerable Phra Theppanyasuthee.

The name J.E.A.T.H has two explanations, one of which is that the locals didn’t like the idea of a “Death” museum so renamed it accordingly, while …


Expat Life: Western Movies In Thailand

People always seem to be shocked when I tell them how often I go to the cinema in Thailand, or that I even go to the cinema.  There seems to be the assumption that all of the movies are bad overdubs, or local productions – it simply couldn’t be further from reality.

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Going to …