Thammasat University Tha Phra Chan Campus Bangkok

My girlfriend Sarah is an international student on exchange from the University of San Diego studying at Thammasat University Tha Phra Chan campus in Bangkok.

Thammasat is the second oldest university in Thailand and has been involved in much of the countries recent history and politics.  Beginning as “The University of Moral and Political Sciences” it …

Thailand / United States

So, We Got Married…. In Vegas

Bangkok, Thailand

I met Sarah in a bar at one of the cheapest hostels in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city.  I’d been travelling for a year and a half and was staying at the old share house (Baan Falang, which loosely translates to Foreigner House in English) that I’d stayed previously while taking a few weeks off …

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Thailand’s underground home brew & microbrew craft beer scene

Coconuts Bangkok just published this excellent video on the underground and illegal craft beer home brewing scene in Thailand. This is something that I investigated, but never got into due to the dubious legal situation with brewing beer yourself (Especially as a foreigner) and importing hops from overseas. The team at Coconuts Bangkok did a …


The Dark Side of Thailand’s Island Paradise


So I wrote this post back in 2014, not really expecting anything to come of it, since then it’s been viewed over 100,000 times, shared at least 9,000 times on Facebook, and parts have been translated into a few languages.  It’s even been quoted or used as the source material for articles and documentaries in …


How to get a Thai Visa Extension in Lad Prao, Bangkok

As anyone who is staying in Thailand is aware, the protests have made day to day life hard for expats and locals alike.  Previously its been pretty easy to get a visa extension from the Government Complex in Chang Wattana, but with the Yellow Shirts blockading the area, the immigration offices have “temporarily” closed down …

Baan Si Daam
Thailand / Weird

Baan Si Daam: The Black House in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Baan Si Daam is another one of Chiang Rai’s more interesting art spaces, often described as the opposite of the White Temple nearby. Personally I think its a little lazy to compare the two, although they are two compounds of buildings with seemingly opposite messages, they are also completely different.  With both buildings having their own dark …

White Temple Chiang Rai
Thailand / Weird

White Temple (Wat Rong Kun) in Chiang Rai, Thailand

The White Temple is probably one of the most interesting temples that I’ve visited while in Thailand.  The temple is a project that is started by Thai artist Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat in 1997. 
The temple is white to symbolise purity, in contrast to many traditional Thai temples that are colourful and covered in gold.  Its full …


Wine Connection Wednesdays – All You Can Drink For 300 Baht

We’d been meaning to give Wine Connection a visit for a while, but between the Bangkok protests and university exams we just hadn’t had the time or ability to get to the area on a Wednesday afternoon. We’d heard about this place from students on the international exchange programme at Thammasat Univeristy, there was a bar …

Beer / Food

House of Beers – Loads of Choice For Sukhumvit Beer Lovers

We ended up at House of Beers quite by accident.  Sarah had wanted to check out Wine Connection’s free flow Wednesday, and had just picked up her Burmese Visa so was in the area.

We’d come in via the BTS, had purchased our ticket (Wine Connection is limited to 250 people) early and had an hour …