Gadgets / Gear

Yoobao YB-647 Magic Cube – 4 Years old and still going strong!

I’m going to be doing a few more reviews of products and gear I picked up along the way on my travels, now these are real reviews, not just schilling crap on Amazon to get a quick buck through affiliate links (though I will include affiliate links). This means not everything I review will be …

Food / Thailand

Pok Pok – The Best Thai Food Outside of Siam

I first came across Pok Pok while watching Vice Munchies, ironically enough while living in Bangkok, Thailand. There was this 1 hour long documentary about a farang named Andy Ricker who ran a restaurant in Portland, Oregon and it was supposed to be the most authentic Thai street food outside of Thailand.  Not just any …


Exploring Teotihuacan – The City of the Gods outside of Mexico City.

Teotihuacan is a must visit site just 40km northeast of Mexico city and an incredibly cheap day trip.  In pre hispanic Náhuatl it’s name translates loosely to “the place where men become gods” and is home to some of the biggest man made pyramids in the world.

You can go via an organised tour, but if you …

Gadgets / Gear

What I pack – Mikes updated packing list for 2017

I first put together a packing list back in 2012 based on what I expected to need while I was travelling, my packing list back then had some pretty big caveats – firstly I was playing paintball, secondly I was DJing and third.. I had no home base.  Fast forward a few years and lots …


Volunteering with Haitian Refugees in Tijuana, Mexico

Update: Our friend Hugo, who lead us to visit the shelters in Tijuana went missing a few weeks ago in Mexico.  Thankfully he was found, but he was seriously injured in what appears to be a beating and is currently hospitalised in Mexico City.  His family are desperately trying to raise money to get him …

Beer / Food

Exploring Tijuana’s growing Craft Beer (Cerveza Artesnal) scene

So, I’ve been living in the United States for the last 3 or so years, basing myself in San Diego while my wife studies at UCSD. During this time I’ve got to appreciate how great the craft beer scene is in San Diego, one of the best with more independent microbreweries than anywhere else, most …

United States / Weird

Visiting A Creationist Museum in Southern California

I first found out about the Institute for Creation Research years back when a photo album was published online and had a good laugh, adding it to my bucket list of weird places I’d like to eventually visit.  The only problem is, it’s somewhere in Bumshart, Nowhere, and I really can’t be bothered to drive …


Thammasat University Tha Phra Chan Campus Bangkok

My girlfriend Sarah is an international student on exchange from the University of San Diego studying at Thammasat University Tha Phra Chan campus in Bangkok.

Thammasat is the second oldest university in Thailand and has been involved in much of the countries recent history and politics.  Beginning as “The University of Moral and Political Sciences” it …

Thailand / United States

So, We Got Married…. In Vegas

Bangkok, Thailand

I met Sarah in a bar at one of the cheapest hostels in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city.  I’d been travelling for a year and a half and was staying at the old share house (Baan Falang, which loosely translates to Foreigner House in English) that I’d stayed previously while taking a few weeks off …