How to get a Thai Visa Extension in Lad Prao, Bangkok

As anyone who is staying in Thailand is aware, the protests have made day to day life hard for expats and locals alike.  Previously its been pretty easy to get a visa extension from the Government Complex in Chang Wattana, but with the Yellow Shirts blockading the area, the immigration offices have “temporarily” closed down …

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How to do a visa run from Koh Phangan in Thailand to Penang, Malaysia

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After arriving at the station we came across the famous “orient express” luxury train that one can only dream of travelling through Asia, and had enough time to take some photos and fantasise about the idea of spending thousands of dollars for a …

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How to Extend Your Visa for 1 Month in Bangkok

Well, time flys when you are having fun, I just realised my two month tourist Visa was due to expire this Friday leaving me with a couple of options:

1) Leave the country and a) return overland giving me 14 days visa, b) return by air and get 30, or c) get a new tourist visa …