Cuba / Trips

Viva Havana – 10 Things You Need To Know When Visiting Cuba

Cuba is a unique place, unlike any other place I have ever traveled to. What makes it unique is that it is like stepping back in time, a time when ATM machines and internet access were scarce, and when a variety of foodstuffs and basic consumer goods were expensive and difficult to come by. It’s this …

Thailand / Trips

A Long Weekend On The River In Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is located in the intersection of the Kwai Noi & Kwai Yai rivers to the west of Bangkok and on the way to the Burmese Border.  The city is home to the famous Bridge Over The River Kwai and the starting point of the Death Railway that was built by POWs in the second …

Thailand / Trips

How to Travel from Bangkok to Koh Phangan by Bus

I’ve been in Thailand for a Month or so and haven’t left Bangkok, so was looking forward to a trip away for a bit.  Being new years the obvious choice was part island Koh Phangan, in Surat Thani in the south of Thailand.

I’ve previously done some backstage work for New Zealand’s biggest new years party …

Austria / Trips

Salzburg, Austria

We decided to go on a day trip by train out to Salzburg, Austria – home of Mozart, and the Sound of Music. Liam’s girlfriend Lauren let us know about the awesome deal for transport out here when travelling in groups – the “Bayern Ticket“, which allows you pretty much unlimited public transport within Bavaria and surrounding areas for …

Bosnia / croatia

Sarajevo, Bosnia to Zagreb, Croatia by Train

I’d gotten a little bored with Sarajevo and wanted a change of scenery – leaving me with two main options by train, either Belgrade, Serbia or Zagreb, Croatia, in the end Zagreb won out due to having a train that left that night rather than at 6am the next two day (Which is way too …

Bosnia / Trips

Sarajevo, Bosnia – Trains, Hotels, Tunnels & Tours

On the bus from Dubrovnik to Mostar we ran into some girls from Papatoetoe who shared some mutual friends back in Auckland.  They were going to Sarajevo a day earlier than Nish and Corey so I decided to tag along on the train to get an extra day up in the City.

Our train was great …

Bosnia / Trips

Mostar, Bosnia

Yesterday we’d had enough of Dubrovnik, which I found a bit of a tourist trap (everything seemed to be aimed at either the geriatric tourist crowd, or the drunk 18 year old contiki/topdeck/sail croatia kids).  The place on everyones lips for the next suggested stop was Mostar, Bosnia – somewhere which I had never heard …

croatia / Trips

Rijeka to Dubrovnik by Boat

After 3 days at Anjas it was time to get on the Ferry and make my way down to the walled city of Dubrovnik in southern Croatia, approximately 900km away.  Buses were a big no, planes had a 12+ hour layover in Zagreb, while ferries are a 24 hour trip: Rijeka -> Split -> Korcula …

croatia / Paintball

Playing Paintball in Croatia with the Hrvatska Paintball League

On Saturday night at around 11:30pm we left Pula, for a 360km road trip to Krizevci for the Hrvatska (Croatia) Paintball League tournament.  Our trip involved us going up via Labin (I couldn’t get google maps to show the exact route) through the major city of Rijeka and then a 3 hour stop at Karlovac (home of the beer of a …

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