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Yoobao YB-647 Magic Cube – 4 Years old and still going strong!

I’m going to be doing a few more reviews of products and gear I picked up along the way on my travels, now these are real reviews, not just schilling crap on Amazon to get a quick buck through affiliate links (though I will include affiliate links). This means not everything I review will be …

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IPTV in Thailand – IPTVThailand and

I originally posted this 4 years ago and a lot has changed since, so I’ve taken to the time to completely refresh this post so that the information is valid and up to date for 2017 and beyond. 

Having travelled for the last few years, I’ve spent significant time in Thailand, Malta and the United States, …

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Gadgets: Merlin BT-SPK06 Travel Speakers

Anyone who knows me will know that I usually have music playing all the time, and that I like my bass. Which means up until recently I’ve had to either wear big headphones, put up with annoying earbuds or crap sound quality.  Its hard to listen to dubstep DJ promos on macbook speakers!

I’d spotted some pretty powerful …

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Must have iPhone apps for Travel in 2012

Smartphones and unprotected wifi/cheap data and local SIM cards make life so much easier when travelling. Here are the apps that I’m using the most.

NB: All screenshots are taken from the iphone store, not my own phone!

Accomodation: is a simple way of searching, checking ratings and booking hostel rooms direct from your iphone. This is …