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A Guide to Couchsurfing For the Uninitiated

Way back in 2012 I dipped my toes into the world of Couchsurfing.  I was getting ready to start my trip around the world and wanted to make sure every single dollar lasted as long as it possibly could.  My house had been sold, and was in escrow, and my flatmate had moved out, leaving …


12 Ways to Earn Money & Make a Living While Travelling

I originally wrote this article while sitting on a beach in Koh Tao in 2014, it’s now 2017 and I’m married and living in the USA.  It’s one of the pages with the highest visits, so I’ve updated it accordingly. 

You’ve been travelling for a while on your savings, sooner or later you are going to …

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Eat for less than 300 Baht Per Week in Bangkok

Despite being a crazy Vegan (when it suits her), Sarah is absolutely amazing in the kitchen, and manages to feed both of us for less than 300 Baht each (not including booze of expensive treats) for lunch and dinner. Although I love to eat my meat, I’m kind of put off most of it here …

Finances / Thailand

How to Set Up a Bank Account in Thailand with a Tourist Visa

If you are sick of paying 150 baht every time you make a withdrawal from the ATM on top of international ATM fees, and want to have a local bank account.

We tried walking around various banks, and got the same answer every time – no work permit, no bank account.  The trick is to go to a …

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Selling the car

The (T)rusty steed – my 1997 Nissan Stagea RS4 – off to get repainted, lowered, body kit and front mounted intercooler added apparently.  Expect to see it on a future episode of Police 10/7 – Whangaparoa edition. 

I’ve owned a car since I was 15, car ownership is pretty much a right of passage here …


Travel Insurance – Comparing Suppliers

Getting travel insurance sorted is going to be interesting, as I’m not sure how long I’ll be travelling, or where I’ll actually be.  I do however know that I plan to go to Europe and South East Asia, and don’t have any intention of visiting the USA or North America at least in the short …


NZ Debit and Credit Travel Cards Compared – Money on the Road

One of the things I keep reading about on other around the world travel blogs is to get some form of card (be it eftpos, debit or credit) that allows you free international transactions, which up until recently didn’t exist for kiwis.  The yanks always seem to recommend banks like Charles Schwab etc, but for …