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Sarajevo, Bosnia to Zagreb, Croatia by Train

I’d gotten a little bored with Sarajevo and wanted a change of scenery – leaving me with two main options by train, either Belgrade, Serbia or Zagreb, Croatia, in the end Zagreb won out due to having a train that left that night rather than at 6am the next two day (Which is way too …

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Sarajevo, Bosnia – Trains, Hotels, Tunnels & Tours

On the bus from Dubrovnik to Mostar we ran into some girls from Papatoetoe who shared some mutual friends back in Auckland.  They were going to Sarajevo a day earlier than Nish and Corey so I decided to tag along on the train to get an extra day up in the City.

Our train was great …

Bosnia / Trips

Mostar, Bosnia

Yesterday we’d had enough of Dubrovnik, which I found a bit of a tourist trap (everything seemed to be aimed at either the geriatric tourist crowd, or the drunk 18 year old contiki/topdeck/sail croatia kids).  The place on everyones lips for the next suggested stop was Mostar, Bosnia – somewhere which I had never heard …