MikeE’s Guide to Paintball in San Diego

I’ve been living in San Diego for a few years now, and in that time I’ve got heavily involved in the local scene, working at a park for about a year and a half, playing for local team San Diego Crush, and attending tournaments around the region. While the local paintball scene is no where near as strong as it was in it’s pre 2008 global financial crisis heyday, there are still a lot of great paintball parks, pro shops and events to attend. Here is a complete (and updated list) of everything that is going on in San Diego Paintball.

Anything missing? Let me know by emailing [email protected] and I’ll add it to the list, this page will remain a constant work in progress as teams are added, removed, launch social media etc.

Tournament + Scenario Teams & Player Groups

  • San Diego Dynasty FB | IG | WEB (San Diego’s most famous pro paintball team based at Camp Pendelton)
  • San Diego Aftermath FB | IG | WEB (Another former pro team that is back for 2017 based at Camp Pendleton)
  • San Diego Afterlife FB | IG | WEB (Tournament Team based at San Diego Paintball Park)
  • San Diego Crush FB | IG | WEB (Tournament Team based at Giant San Diego)
  • Respawn Productions FB | IG | WEB (Rec/Scenario Team based at Giant San Diego and Velocity Paintball)
  • San Diego Wolfpack FB | IG | WEB(Rec/Scenario Team based at Giant San Diego)
  • Vandals FB | IG | WEB (Tournament Team based at Giant San Diego)
  • Marine Team FB | IG | WEB (Tournament Team based at Camp Pendleton)
  • Da Rentals FB | IG | WEB (Tournament Team)
  • San Diego Engage FB | IG | WEB (Tournament Team)
  • San Diego Rage FB | IG | WEB (Tournament Team based at Total Combat Paintball)
  • San Diego Undisputed FB | IG | WEB (Tournament Team based at Total Combat Paintball)
  • San Diego Pirates FB | IG | WEB (Tournament Team based at Velocity Paintball)
  • San Diego Techno Kitty FB | IG | WEB (Tournament Team based at Velocity Paintball)
  • San Diego Gnarkill FB | IG | WEB (Tournament Team based at Camp Pendleton)
  • San Diego Renegades FB | IG | WEB (Tournament Team based at Camp Pendleton)
  • Modern Day Pirates FB | IG | WEB (Rec/Scenario Team based out of Velocity Paintball)
  • Camp Pendleton Raiders FB | IG | WEB (Tournament Team based at Camp Pendelton)
  • San Diego Apes FB | IG | WEB (Rec Team)
  • RATS FB | IG | WEB (Rec Group)
  • Cobra Kai FB | IG | WEB (Tournament Team)
  • Gogged Sunday Club FB | IG | WEB (Rec Group)
  • San Diego Pump Crew FB | IG | WEB (Rec Group)
  • Iron Kids FB | IG | WEB (Tournament Team)

Facebook Groups + Online Resources

Most of the social media, buying and selling of gear and everything else paintball related tends to happen on Facebook, but there are a few meetup groups as well.  Here are the main ones:

Scenario & Big Games

Leagues and Tournaments

Most of the competitive paintball/speedball events are hosted at The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton, here are the ones that are currently active in 2017:

AFPL (Almost Famous Paintball League)

The AFPL runs 3 man, 5 man and redzone format events at the Paintball Park in Camp Pendleton.  They are probably the most media savvy of all local tournament promoters and live stream their events on Facebook before posting edited videos on Youtube for every, single game.

WCPPL (West Coast Paintball Players League)

UPL (United Paintball League)

Pro Shops and Stores

Gogged Paintball

I first came across Gogged Paintball (FB) when I was helping the Cobra Kai boys in World Cup Asia in 2015, when I saw the logo on the teams Jerseys. Gogged is easily my favourite paintball store in San Diego and well worth the 40+ minute drive from where I live in UTC/La Jolla. Rick the owner can fix pretty much anything, and has a tonne of quality second hand gear for sale.  If you are looking for autococker parts, this is the place to go. They also sponsor our team which is a bonus. If you go, tell him MikeE sent you. They are normally open from around 3pm onwards.

Velocity Paintball

Located in Kearny Mesa, Velocity Paintball (FB) is the closest store to San Diego Paintball Park. They carry a fairly full stock of Empire, Dye, Tippman and Valken products.

Giant San Diego

Located on site at Giant San Diego Paintball and Airsoft Park (FB), the pro shop is located in the registration office and carries a range of soft goods, goggles and consumables, as well as some entry level paintball markers and air systems.  The pro shop is only open on weekends during operational hours of the park.

Manufacturers Based in San Diego

Raza Paintball

What used to be Golden State Sports and had 3 retail stores when I first arrived here in 2014 is now online only (FB), and focuses on custom soft goods such as paintball jerseys and pants. Operated by Todd Martinez of San Diego Dynasty fame.

DYE Precision

Manufacturers of Markers under both DYE (FB) and Proto (FB) brands, Softgoods, Goggles and accessories, based in Poway, San Diego. Other brands include DYE Snow, DYE Tactical and DYE CNC Owned by Dave Youngblood.

Fields and Paintball Parks

Giant San Diego Paintball & Airsoft Park

Located on the Barona Indian reservation near Lakeside, Giant San Diego is my home field, and sponsor of my team – San Diego Crush.  I had the pleasure of working there for just under two years since I arrived in the United States and is my “go-to” field for recball. Of all the parks in San Diego, I think that this has the most friendly group of regular walk on players, doesn’t suffer from overshooting or newbie hunting, has great refs and a lot of mechanical and pump play. It’s got a great selection of fields, a mixture of brush, hills, bunkers, ruined buildings and shipping containers.  Fields include concrete (a ruined cityscape), western (a wild west town and main street constructed from shipping containers), bunker hill (think the first half hour of Saving Private Ryan), castle, and a recently reopened airball field. Air fills are up to 4500 psi and there is a pro shop onsite selling consumables and the latest Giant Tactical products. Regular events include the annual Operation Tet Offensive scenario game that attracts hundreds of players, monthly pump days on the 3rd Sunday of every month and regular scenario and big games hosted by local scenario team Respawn Productions. You’ll see me out here at least twice a month.

The Paintball Park Camp Pendleton

Located at the Camp Pendleton Marine base in Oceanside, north of San Diego, The Paintball Park is home to San Diego’s main tournament paintball facility.  With 4 fully turfed fields, this is where pro teams like San Diego Dynasty train and is host to leagues like the AFPL and WCPPL. They also have a wide range of fields with actual military equipment like tanks and helicopters such as Convoy, Kings Castle, Kong Island, Tiki Village, Fuel Depot, Hamburger Hill and Deadwood  The downside to being on base is that visitors need to submit their details at least a week beforehand on the Paintball Park website, though I’m unsure whether this is actually required as I took my wife on the weekend and she was not on the list, had her ID scanned at the gate and wasn’t turned away. You’ll also need to ensure that you have your licence and registration with you, as the MPs will deny entrance if you don’t (and you’ll end up with a hefty fine as my teammate found out). I try to make it to all of the AFPL events that are hosted here. They have recently announced that they have a new location opening in Alpine.

The Paintball Park Miramar

I can’t say I know anything about this one, it’s the only paintball field in San Diego I haven’t visited as it’s restricted to military only – which is a shame as it’s the closed park to my house.

Total Combat Paintball

The closest paintball park to downtown San Diego, and the easiest to get to by public transport, Total Combat Paintball used to be located outdoors in Chula Vista in San Diego, but now is a great indoor park located between downtown San Diego and Barrio Logan. This is probably my second favorite paintball field in San Diego, due to it’s convenience factor and being just down the road from some of the best Tacos in San Diego! They also host a lot of corporate events in their event space, have crossfit classes, and a tonne of arcade machines inside.

San Diego Paintball Park

San Diego Paintball Park is a another quality indoor paintball park, this time located in the industrial area of Kearny Mesa, it’s located right next to a taproom as well. This place focuses more on .50 cal low impact paintball for children’s birthday parties, but every once and a while does training nights for local teams using reballs at a flat rate.

Velocity Paintball & Airsoft

Located in Ramona, east of San Diego and just down the road from Giant, Velocity Paintball Park is a fairly big outdoor park that also has an airball field that is used by teams such as the Pirates and SD Techno Kitty for training. Velocity has been in operation since 1994 and is the closest to a “woodsball” type field in San Diego. They’ve got 14 fields on approximately 40 acres of property and are also host to annual scenario games including Redcoats and Rebels, The Battle for Mt Surabachi and Santas v Grinches.

Mr Paintball

This is the closest park to Gogged Paintball, and the home of the Sunday Club paintball crew, Mr Paintball USA is probably the longest drive from San Diego.  With 12 paintball and airsoft fields, on over 90 acres of land this place is pretty damn big. Personal favourites for me are the Sandlot field (made out of wooden shipping boxes) and the hyperball fields.

Other Parks within Driving Distance

While not actually in San Diego, these are some other parks in a reasonable driving distance within Southern California that San Diego players will often make regular trips out to if they get up early in the morning:

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