Paradise Bangkok: The Album Volume 2 – all the Paradise Bangkok 45s in one place!

In case you haven’t noticed, my two year stint in Bangkok, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao resulted in me becoming a fan of Thai music, especially the record label Zudrangma Records, known for it’s Bangkok based shop and limited edition 7″ releases and reissues as well as compilation CDs.  If you are based stateside, these 45s are pretty damn hard to get (UK Folks, you can get them at Sounds of the Universe, and at the Paradise Bangkok online store).  Chances are, you already missed them, and unless you are planning on spending some serious coin on discogs, you won’t be picking them up any time soon.  Luckily – they’ve also been putting out album length 12″ records with their recent releases every once and a while, the most recent being “Paradise Bangkok: The Album Vol. 2“.

The album contains a mix of vintage Molam and Luk Thung music from Thailand, that the label has put out over the last two years including:

1. Lae Pattana Baan Meuang : Dao Bandon
2. Noo Yaak Dang : Warin Shinaraj
3. Lam Plearn Diew Khaen Diew Phin : Somjai Nilbarun
4. Lam Plearn Maeng Tub Tao : Onuma Singsiri
5. Ding Ding Dong : Waipod Petchsuphan
6. Lam Plearn Chern Bump : Chanpen Pornsawan
7. Lam Plearn Prataad Panom Lom : Aa Jaan Jitakorn Molam Group
8. A Ba Ni Bi : The Super Ranat Band
9. Sang Naa Laa Nong : Thepporn Petchubon

The best bit, there are three tracks that haven’t had a reissue on 7″ yet as well, meaning it’s worth picking up even if you have the original 45 reissues.  It also comes with a free digital download, and a poster designed by Lewis Heriz named  “Cosmology of Paradise Bangkok” which shows the linkages between the sounds of South and South East Asia, The Middle East and East Africa.

It’s a must by for anyone into the sound of Thailand and South East Asia, and I guarantee you’ll start to hear these tunes in more left-field DJ sets around the world pretty shortly.  Best thing, it’s only around $20 including free shipping on Amazon prime, meaning you save a tonne on the international shipping you’d usually pay if buying form discogs or elsewhere.


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