Yoobao YB-647 Magic Cube – 4 Years old and still going strong!

I’m going to be doing a few more reviews of products and gear I picked up along the way on my travels, now these are real reviews, not just schilling crap on Amazon to get a quick buck through affiliate links (though I will include affiliate links). This means not everything I review will be the latest and greatest, instead it will be things that I’ve actually used, and trust.

One such product is the Yoobao 10,400 Magic Cube power bank. I originally picked this up some time between 2012 and 2014 in Pinklao, Bangkok as my iPhone 4s battery was starting to fail on me. From memory it cost something like 1800 THB which would be about $50-60 at the time, pretty pricy for a power bank, but totally worth it. They made a big deal about the certificate/sticker of authenticity and the warranty on this when I purchased it, so I’m assuming that there must have been a lot of counterfeit ones on the market in Asia.

I’ve since used it heavily for the last 4 years, this thing was pretty much permanently plugged into my iPhone 4s until I upgraded it and it’s built like a tank. It still holds what I can only assume is a full charge, still charges quickly and hasn’t damaged anything that I’ve plugged into it.

According to the manufacturer, it should charge an iPhone 5 around 4-5 times, and the LED torch on it should last around 500+ hours.

Other power banks I’ve had have failed, but not the Yoobao Magic cube, 4 years of heavy use, drops, cramming into bags, being used by multiple devices, not being charged properly and generally being treated like absolute crap by a traveller and its still going strong. The only thing that has failed on it was the cable that came with it, but that tends to be the case with any iPhone or micro USB cable.

Because of this I recommend the magic cube (if you can still find one) or any other high capacity power bank from Yaobao. You can purchase Yaobao products on Amazon.

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