Planet Lam – Paradise Bangkok’s second LP doesn’t disappoint

I’d first come across Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band through my housemates Jimbo and Matt when they told me about the Issan Dancehall club night in Bangkok. Though I never made it to one of these legendary parties I quickly developed a love for the sounds pushed by the record store and label Zudrangma records.

Planet Lam is the second album from the Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band, now a firm favourite in world music festival lineups around the world. The band was formed in 2012 by DJs Nattapon Siangsukon AKA Maft Sai and British expat Chris Menist (who was working for the UN in Bangkok at the Time) as a result of the aforementioned Isaan Dancehall party and years scouring the dusty second hand bins of Bangkok’s record stores Chinatown Yarawot district.

The band consists of 60s and 70s Molam performers Kammao Perdtannon and Sawai Kaewsombat as well as the Zudrangma records crew. The album differs from theoriginal Paradise Bangkok “21st Century Molam” album in that it is more experimental, and takes influences from psych, dub, electronica, disco and other world music, and fuses it into something that is uniquely Thai. Expect to hear traditional Thai music with a twist, and this album to be played by renowned DJs and music heads across the world.

The CD and Vinyl record (which comes with a free digital download) both feature:

  1. Lai Wua (Chasing the Cow)
  2. India Chia Muay (Thai Boxing Re-Fix)
  3. Mor Rhythm Mor Khaen
  4. Studio Lam Suite
  5. The Adventures of Sinsai
  6. Namtok (Waterfall)
  7. Sudsanan
  8. Exit Planet Lam
  9. Lam San Ra (2016 Version)
  10. Exit Dub

The album is a most buy for any serious collector of world music, current or former Bangkok expat. You can grab the CD or Record on Amazon here.


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