Anker Lightning Cables – the only iPhone cable a traveller will ever need!

I’ve been using an iPhone since I got my iPhone 3gS years and years ago. Since then I’ve travelled using an iPhone 4s (That I gave to my wife before she got a SE, it still works and I use to to broadcast my weekly radio show). Unfortunately the weakest link when it comes to iPhones is their charging and sync cables. I’ve simply lost count of the amount of them that I’ve gone through due to them breaking at the joins, or simply coming up with the “accessory not recognised” warning.

This is especially true to the longer cables, which have a nasty habit of breaking, and even worse with the lightning cables that came out with the iPhone 5. Worst case scenario I’ve had is the plug breaking INSIDE my iPhone and I’ve had to pull it out using pliers – not something I’d want when I’m travelling somewhere and need a power cable I can rely on.

Anker Lightning Cable and Lumina Charger

Anker Lightning Cable with Lumina 15000 mah charger

I’ve tested a tonne of cables when I was still able to review free products on Amazon, as well as brought many from various markets, malls and online, but nothing compares (not even the OEM ones) to those made by ANKER. The Anker cables are well build, can handle being bent and don’t feel cheaply made at all. That said they come at a cost and are some of the most expensive on the market currently.

According to the manufacturers claims they last up to 6x longer than other cables (which isn’t hard considering I’ve had cables break on the first use!) and claim that they have reinforced stress points and a 6000 bend lifespan. Now I haven’t tested them out for 6000 bends, but I have treated mine like absolute crap and it’s still working. Its been used in the car, thrown into backpacks, hooked up to a charger for extended Pokemon go sessions and road trips. My Anker cable has never failed.

It works well with fast chargers and seems to sync well, an added bonus is the posh that it comes with to keep it nice and safe when being stored or carried in your pocket or bag. Not only that but they come with an 18 month warranty, which means it will last more than most backpacking journeys.

Long story short, Anker cables are something that are worth spending the extra coin on if you want a decent reliable cable that won’t break on you when you need it the most, or are on a trip in the middle of nowhere and can’t find a replacement quickly. You can order them at and with prime they’ll be on your doorstop in less than 2 days!

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