Exploring Teotihuacan – The City of the Gods outside of Mexico City.

Teotihuacan is a must visit site just 40km northeast of Mexico city and an incredibly cheap day trip.  In pre hispanic Náhuatl it’s name translates loosely to “the place where men become gods” and is home to some of the biggest man made pyramids in the world.

You can go via an organised tour, but if you are like us, it’s far easier, and cheaper to just go by yourself, and it will cost you approximately 1/4 of the price of a tour.


It was the largest pre Columbian city in the Americas,  though recent research suggests that it may have actually been one of the largest cities in the world at an earlier stage.

A visit to Teotihuacan begins with a walk down the Avenue of the dead where you can see the different temples on the site including The Temple of the MoonThe Temple of the Sun, The Temple of Quetzalcoatl, and the Museo Teotihuacán.


You’ll want to climb both the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon, the steps are steep, but it’s totally worth it for the view of the site and the surrounding areas. The Temple of the Sun is bigger, but the Temple of the Moon’s location gives a far better view as you get to look down the entire Avenue of the Dead. As you walk around you’ll see lots of vendors selling the usual tourist mementos, and you’ll learn to love to hate the sound of the Jaguar calls made by one such memento!

Temple of Quetzalcoatl is another part of the site that you simply cannot afford to miss, it’s different to the other temples in that it’s been restored to some of its former glory.


Afterwards, check out the restaurants that are nearby and a great place to try out Escamole – a delicacy made from ant larvae that live in the agave plants, and Pulque, a drink made from fermented Agave. The food here is amazing, and is well worth spending a bit extra to get one of the specials on the menu.


Escamol in Teotihuacan

Getting There: 

First you’ll want to be in Mexico City.  Check out current flight prices by clicking here.

We chose to visit Teotihuacan with some friends who we were staying with, and decided to get there by the Metro line and bus.  Take the metro (5 pesos) (or an Uber, they are cheap enough) to the Autobuses del Norte station, where you will find booths (look for Puerta 8) where tickets will be sold to the Pyramids (“Pyramides” or “Zona Arqueologico”) for around 50 pesos one way, or 100 pesos return. The trip should take about an hour to get to Teotihuacan.

One you get there you’ll need to pay an entrance fee of 70 pesos which gives access to both the archeological site and the museum.

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