JEATH War Museum in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

One of two war museums in Kanchanaburi with J.E.A.T.H signage, the official one is on the grounds of Wat Chaichumpol and was founded by their abbot the Venerable Phra Theppanyasuthee.

The name J.E.A.T.H has two explanations, one of which is that the locals didn’t like the idea of a “Death” museum so renamed it accordingly, while the other (more likely) explanation is that it was named after the nationalities involved: Japan, England, Australia, America, Thailand and Holland. JEATH2

The museum is split into sections and photography is not officially allowed, for copyright reasons of all things.  The first section is dedicated to the POWs who were forced to build the Death Railway from Thailand to Burma and is a replica bamboo hut full of photos and artefacts from the former camps.


The second is full of artefacts, weapons and other wartime era display pieces with the centrepiece being an unexploded bomb that was dropped on the bridge. JEATH3

The third is newspaper articles and letters about Kanchanaburi, former POWs and Japanese officers involved with the POW camps.

Find itThe JEATH War Museum is located at Wat Chai Chumphon near the TAT office on Saeng Chuto Road, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

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