SWAY Urban Eatery – Unleash Your Inner Bartender and Pour the Perfect Pint

I follow the Beervana Facebook page fairly closely, and when I saw a post promoting a new bar with the opportunity to pour my own drinks I was instantly curious. The event promoted Bangkok’s first pour your own beer wall and 12 imported draft beers available to sample. I talked Sarah into coming with me and we jumped into a Taxi and out of our ghetto towards the HiSo Bangkok area of Thonglor.

We found ourselves in Arena 10, a football arena/bar and nightlife district. I’d heard that the new brands of beer to taste were likely to run out early so managed to get in there early, so early that we were the first retail customers to ever try out the new pour your own system in Bangkok, so early that our swipe cards weren’t working to start with and we got to try out a few brews on the house.

Sway describe themselves on their Soundcloud profile (how often does a bar or restaurant have a Soundcloud?)

“Sway is located in the heart of Bangkok. Nuanced by the grit and grime of its historic locale, Sway seamlessly blends high and low by bringing up-from-the-street ambience into a clean and modern setting. Sway’s space focuses on innovative design, art that can’t be messed with, and eco-friendly features; all of which are brought to life by the most unique and trendy sights and sounds.”

How to Find SWAY

Sway Urban Eatery is located in Arena 10, Thonglor Soi 10, Bangkok.

I Came For The Beer, Whats About The Food?

Sway have a great bar food style menu, and are already pretty well known for their wings apparently.  They’ve got a western head chef and everyone eating on the night seemed pretty happy with their meals.

I got myself one of their burgers, which was pretty damn amazing, great fresh patty, good salad and decent bun (which can be an issue with the sheer amount of “sweet” bread floating around Bangkok.  Definitely good for a bit of Pub Grub.  Sarah on the other hand wasn’t so well catered for being a vegetarian, and had to settle for the default vegetarian option – wine with a side of french fries.  So if you are reading this Sway crew, you’ve got great menu for us beer swilling meat lovers, but please give and option for our poor rabbit food eating friends.

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The Music

I was impressed by the music the first time I visited, and approached the DJ upon hearing him drop a Julian Dyne (a kiwi producer) only to find out that he was another Kiwi expat, who used to DJ the Dopeonplastika radio show – Juice Willis.

The DJ lineups so far have been great, with residents including Juice Willis and the Late Night Brotherhood crew DJs Sir Walt & Slomororo.

“With the progressive and modern interior, superior sound system, and unwavering commitment to the love of music, Sway adds an inimitable dimension to Bangkok nightlife.”

Punters can expect a mix of true school hip hop, R&B, funk, soul and quality electronica, while enjoying craft beer and tasty food.

The Verdict

Sway is definitely one of my new favourite places to get a drink, they have an epic range of beer on tap, great DJs, a nice layout, friendly staff and a good food menu for meat eaters like me.  They’ll get extra points from the girlfriend however if they add something vegetarian friendly to the menu.

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    • Thanks Andrew, any idea if you’ll provide Vege food for the peeps like the GF? Thats the deciding factor on how often we come back!

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