Steve Cafe and Cuisine – Hidden Gem in Rama 8

Sarah and I were planning to go out for dinner last night at The Wine Connection, but ended up deciding against it due to the protest locations, and her class timetable.

We decided instead to give Steve Cafe and Cuisine a try, a restaurant that we’d often spotted from the Thewes pier when vegetable shopping but never actually tried out in the year I’ve been living in Thailand (of which I’ve spent more than 6 months less than 800m away!).


The Steve Cafe and Cuisine Story

The Cafe opened in 2012 and has quickly built up a reputation as one of the top places to eat in Bangkok.  Named after its Thai owners English nickname, the restaurant offers Thai/European fusion meals by the water, and aims to provide the owners hearing impaired son with a career and business in the future.

I’m unsure of the exact situation, but I’ve seen Steve branding pop up on an old boutique guesthouse down the street by the Thewes Pier, so perhaps we will be seeing some growth from the business in the near future.

The focus is on quality and nothing is prepared in advance, so expect to wait a little longer for your meals, don’t worry though as the result is definitely worth it!

Finding the Cafe


If you come via the Thewes pier it can be hard to find. Google maps isn’t much help and we ended up getting lost down an alleyway walking down the klong and past various huts until we ran into some locals fishing.  It turns out they are used to lost foodies trying to find the place and sent us in the right direction.


The easiest way to find it is to make your way to the temple next door, either come via Samsen down Si Ayutthaya or take the boat t Thewes, walk down the side of the market and in the direction of the 7/11.  Turn right into the temple (Wat Thewarat Kunchorn Worawiharn) and talk through the grounds towards the Chaopraya River.  You will find a small soi that has Steve Cafe as well as another small restaurant.

Steve 3

For those who require the actual address: 68 Sri Ayutthaya Road, Soi Sri Aytthaya 21 (Devet/Thewes), Vachirapayabaan, Dusit, Bangkok, 10300

Some of the best Thai fusion food in Bangkok

What can I say, the food was absolutely amazing and dinner was 1300 baht incredibly well spent (This says a lot when we usually feed the both of us on 300 baht a week, its got to be really nice to justify this sort of spend!) .  I’ve heard that the place is often fully booked, and you need to book in advance, but we had no problem securing a table by the water – I’m guessing the lack of tourists in Bangkok due to the political situation probably had something to do with this.

If you are prone to getting bitten by mosquitos, remember to wear repellent as you are right next to the water!


Black Pepper & Ostrich Meat Stir Fry with white rice.  Absolutely amazing and the first time I’ve seen Ostrich meat for sale in Thailand.  200 Baht


Southern Style Bean Curd Yellow Curry with Lai Bua.  This was Sarah’s and she ordered it extra spicy (Ped Mak Mak), the staff gave her a strange look and asked if she was sure, and after explaining that she had lived on the border of Mexico they were satisfied that it  wouldn’t kill her.  Sarah LOVES to throw heaps of chilli powder on her food, so I know she enjoys it spicy, that said even this one was a little too spicy for her, but she still loved it.  (150 Baht)


Paulaner Beer (180 Baht).  Its always great when a place has a selection of imported beers, as I often get bored of the local stuff.  Sarah rated the house wine as well, and after trying her spicy curry I had to down a bottle of Leo on ice to stop my mouth from burning!


Purely in the interests of science we decided to try three desserts.  We ended up with Frozen Strawberry Yoghurt (130 Baht), Chocolate Mint Gelato (80 Baht) and Dark Chocolate Ice cream (120 Baht).  While all three desserts were great The Dark Chocolate was absolutely amazing, as it was filled with a dark chocolate sauce and rolled in cocoa powder.

Dinner was great, the service was excellent (the staff speak impeccable english) and the selection of local and imported food and beer made it value for money.  To put it in context, the entire meal cost us around the same as what it would cost for us to take a taxi into town and eat a burger king meal, a couple of 7/11 beers and a takeaway dessert.  I highly recommend checking the place out if you are anywhere near the Old Town area of Bangkok and can see why this is rated as one of the top 15 restaurants  in Bangkok.

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