How to Extend Your Visa for 1 Month in Bangkok

Well, time flys when you are having fun, I just realised my two month tourist Visa was due to expire this Friday leaving me with a couple of options:

1) Leave the country and a) return overland giving me 14 days visa, b) return by air and get 30, or c) get a new tourist visa at a neighboring embassy


2) Take the easy option (yet the less common option it seems from talking to people) and get a 30 day extension at Immigration.

Not wanting to leave the country (at least this week) I went with option two, and followed the instructions over at  Though I think it probably makes things seem a little more complex than they have to be.

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Being out in the wops, I took a taxi to Wong Win Yai BTS station, then the BTS all the way to the end of the other line at Mo Chit, saw a sign for motorbike taxis and took a 150 Baht (it seemed a little steep at the time) taxi out to immigration – total cost 80 baht to the BTS, about 40 Baht for the BTS ride then 150 baht for the motorbik taxi, and a bit of messing around 270 or so Baht to get there.

If you can find a taxi that will do it straight there it will cost a lot less, but – with Bangkok traffic in the morning, the bike taxi was the fastest way of getting there.

Go out first thing in the morning (I left home around 7am) to avoid the queues, and if you can avoid major holidays (I heard it took ages around christmas time, with queues out the building).  For me though, it was a simple and painless process.

1) Go to the counter and ask for the form
2) Fill out the form as per the examples that are up on the walls, which appear to be filled out by Jonathan Davis from Korn for some strange reason.
3) Go downstairs and pay 2 baht for them to photocopy your passport, visa stamp and departure card.
4) Back upstairs to have immigration check over your form to ensure you have filled it out, and be given a number.
5) Wait your turn, meet with immigration staffer who will check your form, fill out any parts which are missing, take your fee (1900 baht) and give you a receipt
6) Sit down and wait your turn again for another immigration officer to put a stamp in your passport (I don’t understand why it takes a 2nd person to do this – such is life).
7) All done, taxis are waiting outside, mine got me home for 200 Baht.

So – including transport, and photocopying – an extra 30 day visa for around 2500 Baht from leaving home, to getting back in my area of Bangkok a grand total of 2.5 hours.

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