Where to Find Kiwi Style Meat Pies in Bangkok

I’m in Bangkok, Thailand – its been just over three and a half months since I’ve had a pie.

I started getting cravings a month ago when I was in Berlin after a mate posted up a pic of one he’d cooked.  I went on a pie mission, getting all the ingredients for a bacon and egg pie, except for the one I needed the most – pastry. I just couldn’t find anything savory.  The closest I came was a “half” pie down the road from where I was staying in Pannierstrasse (see below) at an Australian themed cafe.

Fast forward to two nights ago, after a few days of posting on DSBKK I’d been referred to a few places that sold the genuine article resulting in much discussion (including trying to explain to the sweet pie eaters of North America the concept of a “real pie”).   A few suggestions came up including the British Pie Shop (they are cooked in tins, so not the same as kiwi/aussie pies) a deli near Conrad plaza (no website yet) and Bradmans Sports Bistro (which may or may not be open?) on Suk 23.

Pie 1Luckily on Thursday night I had a reason to be in Soi 11 for Caspa at Bed Nightclub – and had an hour to kill.  Heard rumours that the Australian Pub and BBQ sold pies and had to go check it out.

Ordered a pie, along with Coopers pale ale and was not disappointed   Literally heaven, for the first time in three months I was eating a proper meat pie.  Puff pastry, filled with steak, gravy and a little bit of potato/pumpkin.  Heaven.

Next we will begin our Thai pie project, where we will attempt to make a kiwi pie, using Thai street food as the filling.

Let me know of any places overseas that sell proper Kiwi style meat pies (or something close!)

UPDATE 18 December 2012:

Starbucks Chicken & Mushroom Pie Chicken & Mushroom pies available at Starbucks Thonglor! Also available ham and cheese quiche (real men eat pies) and sausage rolls.  Unsure if other Starbucks stock the same selection.

Places I know you can purchase pies overseas (will update as reports come in):

Bangkok – Thailand:

  • The Australian Pub & BBQ: Sukhimvit Soi 11, Bangkok – The best I’ve had overseas.  Not cheap (you can buy a lot of Pad Thai for the same price) but worth every cent.  They also have Coopers Pale Ale available.
  • Starbucks Thonglor 13: Sukhimvit Soi 55, Bangkok – Cheap, only 60 or so Baht, only had chicken and mushroom, served with tomato sauce, not amazing but you get what you pay for.

London – UK:

  • Jumbucks: 24 Shephards Bush Green, London – Basically, they are the same as Jesters pies, so again not a “proper” pie in the Kiwi sense, but when I was london it was bloody good at least compared to the god aweful cornish pasties they eat there. Have a large selection of NZ food and drink brands available to purchase as well (though very expensive)

Berlin – Germany:

  • Melbourne Canteen: Pannierstrasse 57, Berlin, Germany – With an Aussie chef and being served by someone from Auckland, you’d think it would be a proper pie.  Thats where you would be wrong – pie came out served in a Ceramic pot, cost at least 10 euros and while tasty, was not.. ahem what I was looking for.  That said the girls behind the bar were hot, my mates live literally two minutes up the road, and they gave me free booze, so I can’t complain (and they did warn me it wouldn’t be a proper pie that I’d be used to!) .
  • The Dairy Berlin – Pies & Flat Whites: Raumerstrasse 12, Berlin, Germany – I never made it here, but have heard good things from my friends Tommy Flowers and Marie Celeste.  Photos on the facebook seem legit and run by kiwis.
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