Berlin & Munich: Paintball in Germany

I spent just under a month going in and out of Germany (mainly Munich and Germany) and am contemplating moving there in 2013. Heres what I’ve gathered so far on the paintball scenes:

Legal Issues:

I started looking at PBNation for something concrete in English, but a lot of it seems to be a) out of date and b) aimed towards American military personal living “on base” where things appear to be slightly easier with regards to importation etc.  I’ve tried to include as much as I can from talking to locals rather than foreigners living there, and from fields/pro shops themselves

All markers must be under 7.5 Joules force per shot and semi auto only, which translates to a legal field limit of “214 FPS” at fields (wink, wink, nod, nod).  All markers must be sold this way, and have to have a “F” Stamp, along with the calibre, make of marker and dealers stamp on them. I have been told that overseas markers can be given a temporary stamp at events (such as millenium etc) but am unsure how this works.

Paintball is R18, but do not require a permit to use.Air systems need to have the Pi symbol on them and be in test.

When transporting your gear it must be in a locked container, now they are pretty loose about this, and a locked gearback/backpack is fine – as long as it can be locked wherever the marker is stored.
I also understand that paintball is banned in Hamburg, but haven’t got anything to back that up.

The web talks about bans on woodsball/milsim, but I get the idea that that is more misinformation than anything as I see camo gear, tactical gear and markers for sale in shops.  Its more frowned on and referred to as “Gotcha” rather than paintball from what I can tell.  I think its more a case of speedball fields trying to distance themselves as much as possible due to politicians viewing them as potential training grounds  (which is laughable) for potential Neo Nazi movements etc. This is mainly out of the publics/politicians ignorance as opposed to being based on any actual incidents. Paintball was threatened with a ban in 2009, which was later dropped.

I checked out a couple of fields when I was in both Munich and Berlin.For Munich the most speedball oriented field was MVP Paintball, which was walking distance from the U6 station “Garing Hochbruck” and apparently open until 11pm, yet was closed when we tried to visit. It still appears to be the best bet for tournament sup air style paintball.

MVP Paintball: Robert Bosche Strasse 12, 85748 Garing, Munchen

Paint Galaxy was reccomended to me as the best place to play in Berlin. The hall was fully astroturfed, and had nets that allowed the field to be split in half for training two teams/groups at once.  Both 3000 and 4500 PSI fills were available, and rentals were Spyders on 47cui HPA air systems.
I was able to train with a few local teams (who train every week after work), who were mainly running drills and scrimmages.  I was able to borrow a marker, and with paint (1000 paintballs) and field fee it came to around $35 Euro.
Paint Galaxy: Buchholzerstrasse 65, 13156, Berlin

I couldn’t find anything obvious in Munich, though I believe that MVP has a small amount of consumables onsite at their field.

In Berlin I was able to find Paint Supply – a fully stocked pro shop literally 2 minutes walk from a train station.  Berlin is definately “paintball friendly”.  I was literally about 30 seconds away from purchasing a “safer” brand air system until I found out that their credit card facilities were literally being installed the next day.  I could see this place becoming a second home if I was living in Berlin. Paint Supply GmbH: Bornholmer Strasse 6, 10439, Berlin – Get off at Schonhasuser on Metro U2


There are two main tournament series that the Germans are involved in, the most well known is obviously the Millennium Series, which has events in England, France and Germany, and teams participating from all over Europe (and the world).

The other, lesser known overseas series is the DPL, the Deutsche Paintball Liga, which I am told is the largest paintball league in the world, and is definitely the largest in Europe.  The League is affiliated with the EUPBF (as is Millenium) so player/team rankings are all done properly and there is no (or at least very little) sandbagging.  Format is millenium, right from beginner to D1 divisions.

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