Rijeka to Dubrovnik by Boat

After 3 days at Anjas it was time to get on the Ferry and make my way down to the walled city of Dubrovnik in southern Croatia, approximately 900km away.  Buses were a big no, planes had a 12+ hour layover in Zagreb, while ferries are a 24 hour trip: Rijeka -> Split -> Korcula -> Stari Grad -> Sobra -> Dubrovnik and can include accommodation.  In my mind if you are in a coastal area – travelling by boat is the way to go.

As you can see from above, prices aren’t too expensive costing only 63 Euro ($98 NZD) for the full trip including cooked breakfast and a bed in a 4 person cabin.    Though you might want to avoid their sister ship if they don’t have their usual Captain.

Rooms are a little Spartan, but about as comfortable as you’d expect in any backpacker hostel, and considering the price you pay includes transport (with amazing views), accommodation and some food, it really is worth it.  (Factoring in the food and accomodation portions, the real cost of transport is somewhere around $50NZD for a trip down the entire coastline of the country!

In my case, I only had to share my room with one other person (it was a 4 person dorm room) and they were only there for the Rijeka -> Split component (i.e the first 12 hours) meaning for the other half of the trip I had the room to myself.

If you can’t afford the room, bring some warm clothes and a sleeping bag, grab a bench early and sleep out on the deck al fresco.  If I wasn’t carting around expensive DJ gear and paintball equipment, I’d probably be doing that myself!

The boat potters down the coast line, stopping at the larger towns on the islands as you go south.

Upon entering Dubrovnik harbour we passed a massive cruise ship – the Celebrity Silhouette.  Not bad looking if you can afford it (I think basic rooms start at the 2.5k USD range for 10 days around the middle east – tempting if I can find a cashed up travel buddy!).

Once we got to Dubrovnik – and paid the customary overpriced taxi for newcomers I checked in to my home for the next couple of days, the Dubrovnik Backpackers Club (which I’ll cover tomorrow) and waited for an old Uni mate, Nish to get home.  It was his 30th birthday.. Lets just say I’m quite hungover!

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