Gear: Travelsafe Universal Power Adaptor

Right now I’m pretty conscious that I’m lugging around way too much stuff (although I knew this when I was packing) due to carrying around my paintball and DJing gear.  With all the electronics I’d got I need to be able to get a decent source of power + USB charge for my devices. 

When I was hosting people on couchsurfing they all seemed to be carrying these all in one power adaptors.  So I immediately went off searching for them in local stores – Katmandu, Macpac, FCO, Dick Smiths, Farmers etc.  All I could find were the individual adaptors, or a multi country pack, which was essentially a mesh bag with a bunch of individual adaptors.

All my products are either Mac products or USB charge, so it seems ridiculous that I’m lugging around multiple plugs, chargers and adaptors when this mythical all-in-one beast is somewhere.  Unfortunately wherever I looked they only sold the most basic of adaptors, so off I went with 3 different country adaptors, a NZ double adaptor, a macbook charger, a bunch of USB cables and 2 USB adaptors.

Then, while I was trying to get my toiletries legal (as I’d just split my stupid clear plastic bag in half with my toothbrush) in the airport chemist, I stumbled upon this, a truly glorious sight! A universal travel adaptor that (apparently) works in 150+ countries, takes NZ plugs that require an earth pin, and has 2 USB plugs.  Perfect!

So far I’ve only used it here in Croatia, but it works perfectly, gives decent charges to two devices at once (camera + iphone, camera + kindle or iphone + kindle), and has given a decent charge to my MacBook pro. It also has a replaceable standard fuse in it, which is handy if you are operating out of areas with slightly sketchy power supplies.

So..if you are leaving Auckland, you can pick them up in the duty free area once you have cleared customs in Auckland Airport for $60 NZD.  Then you can throw away the pile of excess plugs!

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