Auckland -> Sydney -> Frankfurt -> Ljubjlana (3-4 Sept, 2012)

Well, I’m writing this, beer in hand (Lasko 1825 to be precise) in the foyer of Ljubjlana Airport, in the Capital of Slovenia, while I wait the 5 hours for my transfer (i.e. bus) to Pula, Croatia for Dimensions Festival. There appears to be some minor Slovenian sporting celebrity arriving judging by the TV cameras here.

My first feeling is that of relief, that I’ve got here in one piece, with all my baggage intact, with zero delays. I had concerns on flying the Slovenian national airline, Air Adria, but it turned out to be my saving grace, booking it because it was cheaper. Lufthansa, who I had nearly booked, announced a strike for its ground staff in Frankfurt this morning, canceling pretty much all flights I understand. Air Adria, was business as usual. I actually arrived here 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

I’ve also found that my subscription to Pro was worth every cent, if only for the SMS updates. It was awesome to get off a plane, and immediately receive a text message telling me of any changes to my connecting flights, and exactly which terminal and gate I needed to be at next. If you are planning any type of OE/RTW trip I seriously suggest getting a pro account, its worth it.

In terms of planes, the best one was Auckland to Sydney, where the plane had a brand new entertainment system, complete with touch screens, media on demand and usb chargers for iphones/kindles/cameras etc. If only we had the same system on all the flights. We were also joined by the Canberra Raiders rugby league team flying home from a successful game in NZ.

Singapore had the easiest checkin and transit, Auckland’s checkin gave me the incorrect information regarding my baggage (told me I’d need to get it in Frankfurt, which wasn’t the case) and Sydney’s was a dogs breakfast in terms of organisation. Frankfurt, well, the ground staff were on strike, so you get the picture!

My other successful purchase was the Kindle, when I wasn’t trying (unsuccessfully) to sleep on the plane, or watching any number of movies (including Game Change, Hysteria, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Hunger Gamesand a bunch more) I was reading as much as I could on it, and the battery level remained pretty much unchanged the whole way through.

I wasn’t able to give the new Samsung Digital Camera a test drive, as it seemed to have magically drained itself of all battery, unsure how this happened as I have left it on charge since purchasing overnight and haven’t used apart from taking a test photo. So perhaps the case has accidentally pressed a button or something. Have got it charging now though so hopefully I can give it a hoon on the bus trip to Pula tonight.

All in all though a successful day so far, fingers crossed when I get to Croatia my accommodation pulls through and I have a clean bed, fridge and a shower to make use of.

Tomorrow I’ll aim to catch up on some sleep, get a working Croatian SIM Card, get some Kuna out (at the moment I’m just rolling USD, Euros and NZD) and catch up with the Audio Doughnuts crew for a beer or 10, with Dimensions Festival beginning on Thursday.

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