Saying good bye to my cat – the hardest part of leaving

My Cat Isis, named after the goddess, not the terror group

Tomorrow I leave for Croatia, the first part of my travels, meaning I have to say goodbye.  I’ve lived away from home for the last 10 years, so saying goodbye to mum will be easy, after all I’ll have things like skype, facebook and email to stay in touch. I’d said goodbye to friends and workmates, and will likely have visits from some of them, so this is fairly easy as well.

The one thing I can’t bear to do tomorrow though, is say goodbye to my cat.   The good news is, shes living at my mums (replacing my old cat, which mum adopted when I left home 10 years ago and went to university, which passed away literally days before I moved in), and is much happier there than she ever was at my own Kingsland flat, and is just what mum needs at the moment.

So, lots of kitty hugs tonight, and tomorrow is going to be hard..

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