Selling the car

The (T)rusty steed – my 1997 Nissan Stagea RS4 – off to get repainted, lowered, body kit and front mounted intercooler added apparently.  Expect to see it on a future episode of Police 10/7 – Whangaparoa edition. 

I’ve owned a car since I was 15, car ownership is pretty much a right of passage here in New Zealand, without one, you are pretty much stuck due to our urban sprawl and rubbish public transport.  The longest I’ve been without driving in the last 12 years has been 5 weeks, and even then I had a car to come back to.  Over the years I’ve owned a Honda Integra, two Accord Wagons (including one SIR that lasted about a week in my hands..

My favorite car I’ve owned, a 1999 Honda Accord SiR Wagon – unfortunately it died, laden with strippers, 5 days after I purchased it in 2009, on the way back from PHAT Festival on the west coast of the South Island. 

This week I made the final major step towards a) selling all my shit and b) long term travel.  I sold my car.   So after .. ahem.. acquiring a WOF and Rego, it went on trademe (with a full disclosure of require repairs for the next WOF) and after having all manner of boy racers come in to test drive it (The RS4 is relatively uncommon, especially with factory NISMO Mags, and the fully specced leather interior, mock carbon fibre dash, and 1997 “modcons”) it finally sold to a panelbeater in Whangaparoa.

It is now destined to become his daily driver/project car, and I understand will be getting a full makeover in the next few months.  I look forward to seeing it on a future episode of Police 10/7 that it so rightfully deserves.

Now I just have to survive the next 10 days in NZ without my own transport, and without going insane with cabin fever. Still – selling the car has paid for my airfares and insurance.  A good start.

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