Travelling to Langkawi, Malaysia for the Paintball World Cup Asia, 2012

Brendon Charles, Peter Mumby, Brian Thornley, Myself and Martin Dannafaerd (out of shot) in Malaysian Customs, Kuala Lumpur International Airport – 2004 for Nations Cup

Back in 2004 I helped organise the NZ Team “Kiwi” trip to Kuala Lumpur to compete in Malaysia’s first international paintball tournament, the Nations Cup.

2005 APPC Div 1 Final – Taiwan vs ???


Gavin Mumby, Jason Newport, Peter Mumby and Myself – Kuala Lumpur International Airport, 2005 for the APPC

We returned the following year to take part in the APPC ( Asia Pacific Paintball Cup) which was held at the National Sports Complex in Bukit Jalil.   Fast forward 7 years and paintball has grown significantly in the Asia Pacific region, to become one of the most talked about annual tournaments in the world – the World Cup Asia. Heck, they’ve even got Air Asia’s CEO involved!

I’ve been promising Paul and Allan that I’d return for the last two years, but for various reasons haven’t been able to.  Finally with my planned round the world trip I have no excuse left.  I’m going.

So last week I booked my airfares from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi Island, and I’ll be playing with the guys from Team Phoenix Authority in Tahiti (a few of which played at the recent NZPPL Hawera event). who are sponsored by, Planet Eclipse and Skirmish Paintball Asia.

I still have no idea when I’m actually travelling from Europe to Asia, I figure I’ll work that out later, but at least I know that in November, I’ll be spending my days playing Div 3 Xball in the worlds largest indoor paintball tournament, giving me a real reason for carting all that extra gear around!

Expect more posts on paintball fields I find around the place, and events I manage to get involved with.

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