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Getting travel insurance sorted is going to be interesting, as I’m not sure how long I’ll be travelling, or where I’ll actually be.  I do however know that I plan to go to Europe and South East Asia, and don’t have any intention of visiting the USA or North America at least in the short term.

I also plan to play paintball, which seems to be covered, or at least not “not covered” in most plans, and will be travelling with a Macbook Pro ($1800 NZD replacement value), iPhone 4s ($1100 NZD Replacement) and a Serato SL3 ($1300 NZD Replacement).  For all insurance quotes online it has the following assumptions.

  • 1 Year premium length starting Sep 2012
  • Macbook, iphone and serato are all covered by insurance
  • I’ll be playing paintball
  • I’m a 28 year old male, NZ is primary place of residence, non smoker, no pre existing medical conditions and will be travelling to Europe (Slovenia, Croatia & UK at least) and SE Asia (Thailand and Malaysia at least).

Travel Insurance Direct – $899 NZD $844 NZD (Specifically mentions Paintball is ok) – $598-$654 (no specific mention of laptop/phone/serato)



Edit: Not finished yet, more quotes/comparisons and conclusion to come!

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