Booking the first flights.. Auckland, NZ -> Ljubjlana, Slovenia

Well the last few days have been pretty intense, spending them in the hospital with a family emergency, not that that is looking ok, I’m booking my first flights.

Last year I went to Croatia for Outlook Festival and have wanted to go back this year, purchasing earlybird tickets way back in December.  Mainly due to timing I haven’t been able to secure flights that are cheap enough to make it, but there is a silver lineup – this year is the inaugural Dimensions Festival, on week later in the same venue, with what I consider to be a better lineup.

After a bit of emailing back and forwards to Leeds Tickets, I’ve found I can transfer my tickets for only 5 quid. So, step one of my trip is looking like this, nice and easy to book as well with Expedia:


Auckland -> Sydney -> Singapore -> Frankfurt -> Ljubjlana, approximately 32 hours of travel by plane, and 19,000 KM, which is probably making it the longest non stop flight out of any of the attendees at Dimensions. Follow that up with a 3 hour bus ride from Ljublana -> Pula and its going to be a *very* long day.  Hopefully I catch some sleep on the plane.

It will however be all worth it when I get to take part in this

Fingers crossed I can get some sort of press pass this year, to really share the trip with people.

And even better, there is a paintball club located at Fort Punta Cristo as well, so I get to still play paintball while travelling.

I’m planning on staying in the Balkans for a few weeks, maybe just under a month, before flying to Bangkok Thailand for some R&R, followed by Langkawi Island in Malaysia in November for the World Cup Asia.  The big question is, do I try and make it to Paris in October for the final (& Biggest) Millenium Series event for the year?

Costs so far:

  • Outlook Ticket 130 GBP
  • Changing outlook ticket to Dimensions Festival 5 GBP
  • Bus Ljublana -> Pula 29 GBP
  • Airfares AKL->Ljublana $1774.75 NZD
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