The Amazon Kindle – My New Favorite Toy

The start of a series of posts on gear I’m going to take travelling with me…

Shortly before moving out of my flat, and after watching my old flatmate use one, I purchased an Amazon Kindling 3G Keyboard from Dick Smith.  This has without a doubt become one of my favorite “toy” purchases behind my Macbook Pro, Serato + Dicers and Paintball gear.

For those who have been living under a rock, a Kindle is one of many e-book readers available on the market and is directly connected to the website, where you can purchase both e-books and the dead tree variety.

I’m a book fiend, but have struggled to read anything over the last 18 months except for when I’ve been on the move, and have about 4 real books in the stages of being half read.  However, since getting the kindle I haven’t been able to put it down and read a book on average of one every few days.

The first thing I’ve learnt is the one must have programme for anyone with a Kindle (or other E-Reader) is Calibre, which is essentially and itunes type database for ebook files (.mobi, .epub, .pdf etc) which allows you to edit metadata, send to device, update info based on various databases (such as search by metadata etc. If you have any ebooks from less than reputable places, this is the easiest way of managing them and sending them to your device.  You can get it here.

One of the things I found that constantly added weight to my luggage when I’ve travelled has been books, so at 290g its going to help when I finally get around to packing.

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